Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Well, we got the snow

And there is no school today...... we got some snow overnight but now we have ice. I just told the kids they will have to go out and shovel because I am not allowed to. As you can probably guess they were "extremely happy" about that. I even gave Lexi a part to shovel. They can't say a whole lot because the part I gave Nicole and Tyler to share is not that much and they have two people to finish the job compared to me doing it alone.
Norm got called in to work so he is busy shoveling snow at the school where he works.
I will have to post pics later of the pretty snow.
Nicole told me the other day that she saw five very fat squirrels sitting in a circle in my yard the other day...... probably having a meeting about the smorgasbord I have out for them. She told me she thought they were unusually fat for squirrels. I told my sister, Deb, that the squirrels are enjoying the very large bag of sunflower seeds she had given my other sister, my mom and I for Christmas. "The squirrels?!" Somehow I don't think her intent was to feed my squirrels...... wasn't my intent either........
Listen to your body!
Don't let a doctor tell you it's all in your head!

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marykay said...

hee hee hee, funny stories Denise. I'm glad theres lots of silly outtakes in your neck of the woods to entertain you in this cold weather...I was thinking that last night too as I was cracking up on some cute things my 12 year old was saying and I thought hee hee, she's still a little kid...and then I tell my dad a long story about my aunt and then five minutes later he asks who I was talking about...after I had mentioned her name numerous times...anyway, you had to be there because it was hilarious to me. But I'm just saying, its great to find the funny stuff in life.....take care give good advice in here.