Wednesday, November 26, 2008

As we go plodding along.........

We have all been trying to take it in and comprehend in our own way....... Tyler's school counselor has been been in communication with him before we even found out partially because of anxiety issues he had been having with a certain class. She's been having lunch with him once a week. When we told the kids on Monday that I will need chemo, his response was, "Are you going to shed like the dog?" While most times he reminds me of his dad, that is one way he reminds me of me...... when it gets stressful, make a joke of it. That's how I often respond to stress.
Nicole went to see her counselor yesterday on her own. The only reason we found out she was even there was because her first block teacher reported she was absent and the school called us. We told them to check again figuring out where she actually was and they found her. I think she is trying to hide her fears from us so we don't know how upset she is about it. I'm glad she found someone she felt comfortable talking to. Unfortunatley she is old enough to figure out what all of this could potentially mean.
Tonight Nicole has a Thanksgiving concert at an area church that we plan to attend. I haven't been to these concerts since I sang in the high school choir. I heard it gets full so we will probably try to go early.

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Marykay said...

Hi Denise, I have no clinicals this week. Yay! So here I am again visiting. Hey have fun tonight at your daughters concert. I'm sure it will be fun! I think counselors make a big difference with kids. You're right, just somone different to talk to rather than immediate family. I went to sleep late last night and woke up just about over an hour agao. My kids are at grandma's house so I was able to sleep in! And its raining! Yay, first rain of the season and the tree outside of my bedroom window is actually Yellow/Orange and so gosh...this feels like fall to me! I love the change in weather. Well hope the weather is not so cold there in your neck of the woods. Have a happy thanksgiving-eve!