Monday, November 10, 2008

Rough year for my family

This has been such a rough year for our family. Almost a year ago my aunt Lois found out she had stomach cancer. She had been a dear member to the entire family and was sorely missed when she passed six months later. Over the summer Norm was having some health issues and then my grandfather passed out and hit his head and ended up in trauma for awhile. While he was in the hospital another aunt was discovered to have cancer. (Both aunts related through marriage) I found out last night that she has now passed on. Nicole also had health issues this fall and before I could breathe a sigh of relief that it was all over I ended up with this.
I told my sister that it's just all surreal. It doesn't seem real and yet it's terrifying all in the same moment. One of those things you would think would never happen to you.
Norm makes me laugh so much with his shameful flirting. I would say how shameful he is, but this is after all a g-rated blog. Seriously though I am grateful that he does make me laugh.
Coby almost had squirrel for breakfast. Norm called him back at the last moment. Maybe now the latest "chatter" around here will not be about the free-for-all buffet but instead about the "vicious guardian of the feast".
It went well telling Nicole and Tyler. They already suspected anyway. Now I need to tell Lexi. I did inform all their guidance couselors as well. The kids almost seemed relieved to hear the truth from our lips than continue trying to decypher all the veiled questions about me.

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Goodness, I really had no idea that all of that was going on. I am a bad blogging friend because I don't visit nearly enough. Please forgive me but know that you are in my prayers.

In friendship,

marykay said...

Dear Denise, gosh I am sorry for all these things happening to your family this year. I'm not good with words but just to say I will continue praying for you. I'm glad Norm is such a supportive husband. Laughter is the best medicine they say, so its good that you have a playful hubby. Let me know how telling Lexi went. She is so young so I'm sure she won't understand all of it. I'm sure she is source of your laughter too...she is such a cute little girl. As for Nicole and Tyler, they are smart kids. They know when something is bieng hidden so it is better that you both told them. I'm sure they are worried about you but its best than having them wonder and wonder. Well, I'm glad you ahve a sister and a big family. Me, I don't have a big family so I am alway envious of big families. Take care my dear and I will always pray for your healing...let me know how your oncology appt goes tomorrow...