Saturday, November 22, 2008

Got out some today

We ran up to K-mart to get Lexi and Tyler each a new winter coat. I had to sit down when they started through the toys. Then we went to a local market and the supermarket. I lasted through most of the supermarket and then went out to the van to sit down till Norm came out. I was pleased, though, that I didn't feel quite as exhausted as before so I will take that as a sign of improvement.
We are unsure yet if we should try church. I've gotten a bit of something in my throat so we are somewhat worried about that. Will wait till Monday to ask the oncologist if we should be worried about colds. I just get mostly a hoarse sore throat. My girls both have colds so I was worried I was getting that.
It was nice to get out though.........

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marykay said...

I think you should try and stay away from crowds of people right now since it is cold and flu season. There are no cures for colds or flu except to let it run its course but as its doing that, your body is technically fighting an infection (the cold or flu) in your body as well as trying to maintain your temperature, your body fluids, etc. So even if most folks think flu and cold isn't too bad, for those who have compromised immune system, it can be bad. So just to be safe, maybe you should just stay home most of the time except for appts and such. Don't over-excert yourself. I know its hard because you're "MOM" and you have been used to doing everything for your family. You should let Norm go to the store and market for you. Just stay home and blog! hee hee. Hugs