Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Snow flurries in forecast.....

Cold outside today!
Yesterday I overdid some through a shopping trip for Christmas presents that didn't exactly go as planned. After coming home, I rested the remainder of the day nd then felt much better.
Norm took me to church this morning to weigh in on the scales that our 3D uses. Was stunned to see I had lost approx. 20 pounds since before the surgery.
We have been hearing some very positive things about the reputation of my oncologist so that makes us feel better about that.
Norm started back to work last night. It ws hard to get used to not having him around again. Of course, he made me promise not to do anything before he left for work. :D

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marykay said...

Hi Denise, Kids are at school, getting ready to go to school myself from 9-3pm. I don't feel like going today because the sun is out and it feels like summer here! Me, I've probably gained 20lbs haha! I just simply like to eat and unfortunately, I like all flavors of food. Gee wiz. Anyway, you have a good day and keep your promise to Norm (hee hee)...don't do anything & take it easy! =D PS Do you remember Sami..I went into her blog again last night to see if she is posting...do you know how she is doing? I hope she's okay..she was so into her blogging and so wonder why she abruptly stopped..