Thursday, November 13, 2008

Rainy Day..........

It's been kind of a blah day. The kids only had a half day of school and then we had parent-teacher conferences with the teachers from our two youngest who are still in elementary school. Even ater using the elevator, I was still exhausted, which could be expected. It felt good to go home, lay down and sleep. Unfortunately with the rain, that meant no walks.
One good thing that has come from is also getting Norm eating healthier. Not only is he actually eating the vegetables to encourage me to eat well to get stronger, but he has greatly slowed down in his eating and has admitted that I was right..... he does feel fuller than he ever did before. He now laughs if I actually beat him done because, before, he would be long done before I was even halfway done, if that far. I am trying now to resort to 6 small meals rather than 3 larger ones. I want to see if I will feel better that way. I just feel too uncomfortable eating a larger meal.

2 comments: said...

How cool that Norm is eating healthier -- looks like you both will be feeling better soon. How wonderful!!!


marykay said...

Oh boy, yes, I know those 6 small meals would definitely be good for me and my hubby too. Its supposed to rev up your metabolism. I want my husband and I to do that too but its so hard right now. But I really wish I could lose weight. Some of my classmates are stressed and they lose weight. Me, I'm stressed and I gain more weight! I'm glad your hubby is eating better and its great that he is trying to be an example. That's the problem here at my house, I want to eat right but the foods my hubby eats tempts me. I am like that though, I eat fast! I need to slow down too. How I wish it would rain here a little. It rained one day a few weeks ago but its always in the mid to high 70s lately. I love fall weather. I can imagine you get tired easily, that is to be expected. You should rest and do what your body tells you to do, even if it means sleeping during the day! but then again, you have young kids so I know its nearly impossible. Did they put you on any medications at all besides pain meds? What pain meds are you taking? I'm not really wanting to be nosy, I'm just wanting to know so I can think about the pharmacology of it all. hee hee! Take care my dear....Oh, I started my labor and delivery rotation today at the hospital...they will be 12 hour days...but wow, I got to see newborns today, they are so little and pink! So cute! =)