Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Beautiful morning

This morning Norm got a visitor from his Men's Fraternity at church. This friend had went through a similar instance with his wife. I am so grateful at not only how everyone has been supporting me but also the men who have been supporting Norm. It is a real blessing having these men step out of their comfort zones and share from their experiences.
By the way, I will not mention people by name nor the name of our town or church because this is a public blog where even Osama Bin Ladin has access to if he chose which I doubt so I purposely leave out certain links to certain blogs and area places to protect my family and friends.
To answer your request yesterday, MaryKay, Norm says there will be no pictures of that.
It's really strange how dogs know when something is going on. Coby not only has been more gentle with me but more protective of me as well. A few times I broke down, he showed up to nuzzle me. We've been getting a kick the way, when we send him outside, you can see the shadows on the neighbor's walls of the squirrels scattering like sheep being hunted by a wolf.
The stories that have been coming to us of similar experiences with cancer are overwhelming and uplifting. I told Norm that I think we should put them in a book. Most are from our church and I think they would go a long way toward promoting the Cancer Support Group our church has started. We have decided that, once we are through with this, we wish to be a part of that group to encourage others.
By the way, I've added another You-Tube video at the right. Norm heard "While I'm Waiting" on the radio this morning and we didn't realize till we looked it up that it's from the movie, "Fireproof". If you ever get a chance, we would highly recommend "Fireproof". We have recommended to friends having marital issues and they went to the movie and came out with totally new perspectives. I wish Hollywood would acknowledge this movie but it don't surprise me that they don't because of the Christian message in it. I will proably eventually move the videos to the bottom.

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Marykay said...

ha ha Denise! Norm said no...well, gee wiz, I think you can sneak a picture without him knowing. hee hee. I listened to that while Im waiting song...I love it! I will worship while I'm waiting. what nice lyrics. I think I'll look up that movie Fireproof. I'm not having marital problems but we aren't perfect by any means. I agree..the media never ever shows anything that has to do with Christianity and if so, people make a big issue out of it. I think the world and people would be a lot better to each other if God was more in the home and in our community. I'm not perfect but at least I know to be good to others and never would I harm another human being. I'm so happy to hear that your hubby's church Fraternity is supporting him. I'm sure Norm needs that from his male buddies & I love men who can step out of their comfort zones. You know how you are so good at writing, you should gather all these stories you are hearing and compile them in a book. Seriously, people do seek support in times of crisis like this. A book with inspiring stories can help lift a persons spirits. You should think about that Denise. After all, you write so well. I totally understand about blogs being accessible by anyone. I don't blame you for being careful. I do that too in my own blog. Okay dear, take it easy and thanks for the movie info..I had never heard of it before you told me...God Bless you..