Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cabin Fever

Is that a fox
Or maybe a beaver?
Is seeing things a sign
Of Cabin Fever?
I'm stuck in a house
With just a Retriever?
Guess I'm suffering effects
Of cabin fever!

Wow, that was pretty good. I wonder if this guy from church who writes songs could help me put it to music. We got to take a walk today but it was pretty cold but I was happy just to get out.
I've had some ask if we heard anything....... no....... I really hope they have some kind of answer on Monday.

If you want, you can subscribe to my blog and then they come in your emails. But you set up what time they show up, I think....either that or they come just in the morning. I would have to look at it again. It doesn't always send an email as soon as I update it.
Norm doesn't want me to drive yet so he told me not to drive and I came up with the idea of moving the van to see if he's notice...... so he decided he was going to take chalk and mark it like the police do so he would know if it's moved. I came up with my own counter idea but I ain't going to say now what that idea is but I can see him standing there and just shaking his head already........
So I was good and worked on some of my Christmas cards...... till I ran out. I also usually write a family newsletter for family and friends who live far away or that we don't see often. I started it the other day and need to work on that.

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marykay said...

that is pretty good! I like first thought you were quoting a book. I'm already listed as one of your followers. The truth is...I don't check my emails very often. I go into the internet a lot and end up going into my blog then clicking the link to your blog. You've been posting a lot lately though so I happen to come in at the right time. Plus, I want to change my email on blogger but I don't know how. I have an email on AOL now which is easier for me to check. Oh well...I'll figure out how to do that later. Gosh you are on the ball with Christmas. I am not in that mode yet. Grace has her birthday on Saturday. I'm going to focus on that first. If you sneak the van out, you could technically take the hose and wash it off and while you're gone, it dries off. When you get home, draw a brand new line! haaha! But don't tell him he might think I'm a bad influence on you. Oh well you better just take his advice and don't drive yet...just in case you get in trouble...heee hee.