Sunday, November 16, 2008

Some photos from past month

Lexi's team after their final game



Norm got hem dressed in their Trick-Or-Treat Outfits this year
and then brought the to the hospital to see me before taking them
to my sister, Glenda, who took them out Trick-Or-Treating.

Nicole turned 15!

My son, Tyler, being strange...... he discovered something he could do with magnets.
Warning! Gross factor!


Coby, my Squirrel Hunter, self-proclaimed protector and ever constant canine companion.
Wow, I didn't realize how much weight I lost in my face till I saw this pic. I had another pic of me I liked better but was having problems making Coby's eyes look decent.


My inlaws came to visit today....bearing cookies. Of course we accept anything chocolate!
Mason came home today so i assume his counts were better. Norm went over to see him but I stayed home. Guess I will have to wait before I get to hold the ittle guy. Norm said he almost missed it (having a baby)...... almost but not quite. :D

No walks today Very windy and cold. We are hoping to get Christmas Shopping doe tomorrow..... I hope I can last.........

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marykay said...

Hi Denise, I'm up late working on my presentation. You have lost so much weight my dear! Wow, you are right, your face really thinned and I now notice your weight loss ticker at 36 lbs lost! That is so considerable! Now we both know that its good to lose weight and I definitely wish wish wish I could curb my appetite and lose weight myself...however, I wish you lost weight not because you're under the weather my dear. But you do look really really good! You should have posted the other pic and not worried about Coby's eyes too much. I forgot why you black his eyes out? My favorite pic of your kids is of Nicole and Lexi as she blows out her cake. I just love the look on both their faces. Look at Lexi, she is so totally the little baby sister so amazed and eager to see the candles blow out and get a peice of cake. I can tell she totally loves birthdays. I love her soccer pics, there are only 5 kids? Thats a small team! compared to the soccar teams here. Tyler is so darn clever with those magnets. Haha. you have experience with the silliness of boys and silliness of girls. Me, I only have girls and so you know only a boy would think of putting magnets in their mouth! ahahah! Kids look cute in their halloween costumes; Happy 15th birthday to Nicole!! Wow Denise....15 years old.. Eeeeek!! too fast, they grow too fast. Her cake looks yummy by the way...well I better stop admiring the cake or else I'll have another late night snack which I dont need..hey, thats a nice beat to that trading my sorrows song..I'm glad you are listening lots of inspirational music...take care..!