Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rainy day...........

We did manage to get a four block walk in between systems. It felt good to walk and it was nice to get outside. They've had a tornado watch all afternoon.
My bil managed to exchange some of the clothes they bought. I think he's getting over the initial shock. Last I hear they were going to call the baby Mason but that hasn't been confirmed yet. Unfortunately his counts are stil low. 'mnot sure when he will be allowed to coe home from the hospital. He was a very big baby but his sugar count was down yesterday andit doesn't sound like it's better today.
I doubt I will go to church tomorow. For one I think it would tire me out too much. Plus we want to say away from any viruses to try and get me healthy.
Been thinking a lot about that "While I'm Waiting" song (to the right). I guess that's what we've been trying to do while waiting for the test results even though that is not the original intent of the song in the movie. I've been feeling a lot of prayers going up and I think I've felt a lot more at peace about it....just reflective at times. :) Anyway, that you fo you prayers. they mean a lot!

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marykay said...

Hey Denise! I left you a long note yesterday but for some reason, its not showing! Anyway, like I was saying...I'm sure Mason will be home soon. Did his mom have diabetes or develop gestational diabetes? Usually, thats what happens and so they are waiting till his glucose levels stabilize. I went to church this morning with my family. We were a little late because of drama in our household. Then we went to breakfast and now I'm home working while kids and hubby went to the store or to their grandma's for lunch. Not sure which. I have a presentation tomorrow so I have to work on that. I like listening to slow melodies too when I'm in the mellow mood or even a sad mood. Some songs totally make me cry and so it helps to cry if you have to. Take care dear and have a good Sunday with your family. Good job on the walk...4 blocks is a long ways!