Friday, November 14, 2008

Good news? Bad news?

This morning Norm's brother called us to tell us his girlfriend had her baby...... a little boy........ unfortunately they had been told they were having a daughter and had either bought or were given gifts of all girlie clothing. Nate is having a fit trying to figure out how he will clothe this little boy. I called my one sister, Deb, to ask her if she still had any baby boy clothes at all. She didn't think she had much but promised to look through her things to see what she had. We told Nate to try the local reusit shops and Salvation Army Stores because they are generally cheaper than even the consignment shops. He's trying to exchange what they did buy but we don't know how accomidating the managers will be without receipts. My mil is probably having a good laugh because she has been telling them they are having a boy and not a girl like the sonogram showed. I think also that Nate is just extremely disappointed because he has never had a daughter....... mostly sons and stepsons. His girlfriend does have an older daughter but I think Nate was looking forward to his own baby girl. I think he will get over it and love his son, but just needs to get over the shock. We were trying to come with creative ways to help Nate out.
I am hoping to be able to do some Christmas shopping for the kids next week. I know I probably won't last long but for one, I like to get it done mostly before Thanksgiving and Black Friday, and for two, I want to get it mostly done with our future being too uncertain.
I have recently made a new friend named Jenn who is having a giveaway on her blog of a newborn boy's outfit. Click on her name to go and have a look-see.

3 comments: said...

Wow! What a mess. Poor guy!

He's wise to check around at consignment shops and whatnot.

Good luck!


shelly Gauvreau said...

Wonder if he could go to craigslist and either sell them or trade them for appropriate items

marykay said...

Hi Denise, like you said, i'm sure after a while the shock will subside from your brother in law but I can see how a little disapointed he may be after months of thinking "girl." Some families were just have genes that make predominantly boys! I have a friend who has 5 boys (only because they kept trying to have a girl). I went into your friends blog and I'm glad you won her giveaway! I would try to return the girls clothing and go to a used baby clothing store. Remind your brother in law that baby's grow so FAST anyway so he doesn't really have to have a lot of clothes because he will grow out of them fast, he just has to keep washing more often. I won't have time to go Christmas shoppng anytime soon although I'm going to try. Grace has her 12th birthday next weekend so I have to focus on that firs. Guess, what. I had my first day in Labor and Delivery yesterday and I helped a baby get born!! It was amazing and I think I want to be a labor and delivery nurse! The adrenelin I felt was awesome. I helped her breathe, hold her legs, encouraged her, took her vitals every 30 min, etc. etc. And the other nurses were nice rather than other places I have been where they were all grouchy. Anyway, as you can see, I'm trying to find my calling...hee hee. Take care dear and congrats to you and Norm for another nephew! =)