Monday, November 24, 2008

Results....not what we hoped.

We were in to see the oncologist this morning and while they still do not have the full report back yet, it was decided that the cancer was a Stage 3 and I will need heavy chemo. We have opted to start this chemo in January. For now I will need three treatments. I will have to be in the hospital three days every three weeks to get a chemo called B.E.P.??? We appreciate all of the prayers that have gone out on our behalf. Continued prayer for the whole family would be very much appreciated especially as we try to sort through this new information.
I just thought I would add on to the previous paragraph.
It's just been a long hard road and it doesn't promise to end soon. I was in pretty much of a daze most of the day except when my dad stopped by around lunch before he had to go to work. When he stopped on the way out and said, "I love you." I think I almost lost it because our family had never been one to express emotion or affection.
It's really hard to understand why God is allowing us to go through this. What does he want to teach us through this? I know we have already learned some lessons from this but have a feeling there is more He wants to teach us..... to learn to rely on Him. He keeps bring the "While I'm Waiting" Song to my mind as well as "Jesus Bring The Rain."
I feel sorry for my family because it's like reliving my aunt's illness all over again except I think she was in a lot more discomfort than I. She was part of what drove me to the doctor as some of my symptoms mirrored hers.
I am really glad for the guys from our church who have stepped up to give Norm their support because he is taking this very hard. While we were eating tonight my sister, Deb, called and told Norm she just felt the need to pray for him and he just about lost it. I was sitting across from him and figured someone was praying because he wasn't saying anything but he was getting really emotional.
We will get thorugh this and be stronger for it with God's help.

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marykay said...

Dear Denise, I felt my heart sink when I read your note. I feel so sad right now and feel like crying because I feel like I know your emotions so well because I have read every word you write and I can imagine. However, I know nothing I can say can make it better but I can only pray for you all. You will get through this Denise, you are stong and young and you have a deep love and faith of God. I'm sure your family is taking it so hard too and I'm sorry such a wonderful family like you all has to experienc this. You will get through it Denise, I will pray for you. I don't know too much about how doctors decide what type of medicines to use for chemotherapy. Make sure you ask lots of questions and don't be afraid, even if you think you are being a pest to the doctors and nurses. If you don't understand something..ask. Do a lot of research so you know what to ask. I have known a lot of people who are afraid to contradict a doctor, but you have to know, its your body. Denise, if I could, I would reach out and hug you right now. You are an awesome person and you will get through this. You have a loving family, loving hubby, good friends, well as an online friend who in California who will pray for you...