Sunday, November 30, 2008

Decorating For Christmas

The kids really were in the mood to decorate and, while it was hard for us to get in the mood, we wanted to keep things as normal as possible for them..... so Norm and Nicole spent most of Saturday decorating and then we headed for a local store selling trees to pick out this year's "winner". Below ae pics from that venture as well as a few decorations in the house.
I went to church for the first time this morning. Today marks a month since the surgery. It wasn't too bad as far as emotional. I sat through most of it. I think it would have been harder if they had sang more of the regular songs but now they are singing more Christmas songs. Greeted some peple after church but I was soon ready to sit down again.
We may go and visit my new nephew this afternoon if they are home.

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marykay said...

Oooooo, what a nice tree your hubby/family picked out!! I want a real tree too BUT we will probably still use our artificial tree. We had a real Christmas tree last year BUT my dad put it in a bigger pot and this year its huge! Too heavy to bring in the house. So I'll use the plastic one. I like the outside of your house Denise, very very pretty. I like your stockings too. Wow, Coby is lucky to have his own stocking! I never thought of giving my pets stockings before. hee hee. But they do get a dog bone and can of tuna (for my cat) from santa every year. hee hee. You put lights around your house and so I bet its nice at night. I did that one year but I dont think I'll have time this year. I love the animation of your kids. They all look so cute, esp Lexi and her princess pose. I also like the one w/3 of them in front of your tree. I can see the height differences. Take care dear and thanks for sharing your pics...I always like viewing them...and your captions make it entertaining. Have a great week...!