Tuesday, December 23, 2008

And so we open the next chapter

We finally got the date set for the chemotherapy to begin. On January 6, I go to the oncologist for the pre-chemo appointment and bloodwork. OnJanuary 7 I get admitted to the hospital for the chemo. She informed me when she confirmed it that she is reserving it for three days. I said, Wait a minute, the doctor only told us two days!" They decided to give me an extra day if I needed it. They are being extra careful to watch the levels of my kidney and lung function. That seemed to be his main concern when we discussed it yesterday. I am glad he is showing extra concern for my kidney so I guess if I am stuck an extra day, I will have to try and not complain about it.
I was in to my family doctor this morning. He said that, yes, while I do have athritis in my back, he also believes I dd injure my muscle back there from the fall..... either a strain or tear or something. Thankfully I have almost two weeks to not work and put extra strain on it.
My cousin visited tonight with his pastor. He semed really nice. They prayed for healing. We had a nice little chat as well.
A friend also stopped by with the itinerary for a weekend getaway for our family before the chemo treatments start. We leave the day ater Christmas. It sounds really nice and the kids are really looking forwrd to it. I am looking forward to the hottub because I think it will feel good on my back.
It's just all so strange making arrangements for cancer treatments. I never would have imagined myself doing that. It's made for a very strange Christmas. We got to talking about faith while my cousin's pastor was here and I showed him the plaque that our pastor gave us. He told me that whenever the devil started attacking my mind I was to play praise music and let God minister to me and I told him that is what I already do and how I have this praise music on my blog.

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marykay said...

Hi Denise, I like your picture with Norm on the right. Totally cute. I'm glad you guys are going on a getaway prior to your chemo, I'm sure it will be fun for all of you. I'm also happy the doctor is being extra careful with you and that you have a great church community! Having so many people pray for you must be such a good feeling. I like the advice you got, to play praise music to help focus back on God. Very smart. I wish you all a Merry Christmas!!! !!!!