Sunday, December 7, 2008

Windy and C-C-COLD!

Went to church today. I can tell my strength is returning because I was able to stand through all the songs during Worship. Last week I had to sit down after two. Spent the afternoon watching the Eagles and Steelers Games on TV. Nice relaxing afternoon!
Tomorrow I need to go for some bloodwork and need to stop at a nearby store while we are in the area.
It's been stressful... we have our good days and bad days. It's hard to believe that while I am feeling so good that there is something so bad growing inside. And that while feeling so good I have to go into the hospital in five weeks to take medicine that will make me feel bad. In some ways it just doesn't make sense. It's strange looking at the booklets we got from the cancer society and the catalog for supplies in case I lose my hair. I know I need to get on it and do some research so we can go to the doctor fully equipped with questions that will hopefully sound remotely smart. I have this on week to get that done and a few other things before I go back to work for a week and a half.

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marykay said...

I don't watch football, I can't stand it. (sorry). ha ha! I've never been the athletic type nor able to watch it. My Dad and husband watched boxing the other day...a Filipino boxer..named Paquio (not sure if I spelled it right) won and so it was a big deal to my Dad. Its great you are going back to work soon....that will be nice to go back to your normal groove for a while...take care dear and God bless.