Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rainy day

I had an appointment with family doctor this afternoon mostly to le him know what was going on and consult for care about other ongoing conditions as now related to the cancer. I asked him for my peace of mind to check the spots on my back as I had some removed a few years and have been negligent as far as keeping an eye on them. He thought they looked okay and he checked to make sure I had no more.
Realy tired today....mostly because I didn't get enough sleep last night...... mostly because Norm worked second shift last night and then got up early this morning to work days. Tried napping but had too many things going through my mind....I'm sure you know how that is. Will be more than ready for bed tonight!
My appointment was orig. scheduled for this morning but they had to postpone..... so my mom took me into K-mart with her.

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marikay said...

Hi Denise, wow, I like your Faces of Courage list. How did you find all these folks to list, did you join a cancer group? What a good idea!! I am an advocate for support groups of any sort. I like K-mart! But they closed a lot of them down in California. They are building a SuperWalmart about 5 miles from our house. I wish it wasn't so far but it is. I went to a regular Walmart the other day to buy Tiger some tuna. Yes I feed him real tuna once in a while. Anyway, their generic tuna went up from 52 cents each to 79 cents each!!!! I was mad because thats a big jump. Plus tiger only got tuna because it was cheap and lasted him about 2 meals. Anyway, I'm sure you wanted to hear about that. haha! My feet hurt tonight. I was on my feet for 13 hour clinical. I worked in PostPartum today w/4 pts and 4 babies. I am ready for bed tonight too! I have to be at the hospital again by 6:20am tomorrow...let me know how your upcoming appt goes....take care dear..