Thursday, December 25, 2008

Not how we wanted to spend Christmas Eve!

Spent Christmas Eve in the E/R. Norm passed out tonight at church before the 6:00 program.

They aren't sure what is wrong with him. His white blood count it up but they could not find why. He had a low grade fever and his heart rate was pretty high. After running x-rays, bloodwork and other tests they sent us home with an antibiotic and told us if it happens again this weekend he is to come in immediately and they will admit him. Please pray about that as we were to be going on vacation this weekend. It's been pretty trying emotionally. I told Norm God must have something big in mind for us that he is putting us through all this these past six months.

I was teasing Norm. Before church he was half teasing me that I haven't mentioned him in my blog lately. I told him tonight he made the headlines!

A Praise..... We got blessed 3 times this afternoon and evening......

Merry Christmas!

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