Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pray for Gavin!

I want to send out a call for special prayer for Gavin, age 7, who is fighting Burkitt's lymphoma. He had been in remission but it has returned and none of their cancer treatments seem to be working. He is set to come home under care of Hospice. Please also keep his family in prayer as this is a hard, hard place to be.

We had went to my fil's this morning because he needed help with something. We also stopped at a local reusit shop to get some pants/trousers for work after stopping at a local open air market where they had some over the summer. I had a feeling it was too cold for them to be there but we had checked anyway.

I think spirits were better today than yesterday. One thing that came out of it is that Norm and I had gotten so much closer and we are learning a lot about communication and being open and honest with each other. We are also eating healthier and are learning about pride.

I've been a lot more emotional. I don't know if it's from the hysterectomy or the knowledge of cancer or both. Things that make me cry? Seeing the hurt and pain in the eyes of my family, seeing children suffer, the overwhelming generosity of friends, being told by a complete stranger that we have been in their prayers, being told by a family member that they love me...... and the list goes on......

What is really sad is the people who are struggling with it and do not have the support we have. I've been reading blogs and you can tell who do not have the support of love and prayers just by the language and expressions used. You just want to reach out and help them.....give them the same thing that others have given us. Give them the same hope.


marykay said...

Awww. Denise, when you read people's blogs, you should give them your blog address so they can come visit you and get inspirted by you! It's true that support is very important. I am learning that even more in my nursing program and seeing so many sick people without even a visitor. It's okay to cry, crying helps you. How do you know Gavin? I will put him in my prayers. I always pray that they are in no pain. Okay dear, I'm glad you were in good spirits today. Take care & God bless.

NK Valli said...

Hi Denise

A very creative blog you have there with a wonderful family.All the best facing new challenges.

I am 42 and live in Malaysia. Had breast cancer and is in remission for 3 years.

Wishing you a great Christmas and a New Year.