Saturday, December 6, 2008

Saturday Snow Day

It was snowing this afternoon. Norm and I had went up to a mall north of us to look around. We got some things for the kids' stockings at the Dollar Tree. Then we went to K-mart to pick up a layaway.

We talked to Lexi this afternoon as well. I had ordered a book to read to her. It seemed to help. I thought we need to talk to her because she's been crying more recently.

Tyler played basketball this morning. They played well for their first game.




marykay said...

Aaww, thats cute Denise. too bad Tyler covered his face. ha ha! I wish it snowed a little here but unfortunately, the entire state hasn't had much rain and so we get wildfires that are so devastating to animals and people's homes. We went out and about today too. We went to get a couple christmas dresses for my girls for their christmas play on next week. Aly was Mary last year and she wanted to be Mary again! But like her teacher told her, she can't. So she is a narrarator. Then we went to Rite Aid to get Aly's friends some little gifts for christmas since they are doing an exchange. So, with that said, I am soooo behind on my work because I was gone all day. That book looks good for kids and helping explain cancer. I think that is a great idea! Even for your son and daughter to read probably. Okay dear, thanks for sharing your cute pics. Take care and stay warm!!!

Anonymous said...

Hon, I would like to tell you how much I love you. I would like to say thank you to you for showing me how much you care about me, by asking that person to talk to me about the issue that was bothering me. I love you.

SHMILY!!!!!!!!!!! ;)