Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ended up back at hospital

We ended up back in the hospital. Tomorrow they will be hunting the source of his GI Bleed. He didn't tell last night but really downplayed the blood he found till he admitted it to me this morning. I called the doctor as soon as we all opened our presents and he sent us back to the ER where we spent about six lovely hours before they finally got us a room. Please keep us in prayer as this does not help the stress already upon us with my diagnosis. He is currently in intermediate intensive care. They are hoping to move him to a regular room but there are restrictions to where he is now. No more than 2 visitors at a time and no child under 12. I'm not sure if he is allowed flowers either.
Also please remember our children. This has been really hard on them.

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marykay said...

Dear Denise, I'm so very sorry Norm had to go to the hospital! How is he doing now? What did they say was wrong? I pray he is okay now. God bless you all my dear..