Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Lights

We think this is a YouTube of lights are not real far from where we live. We're not 100 % sure though. It looks a lot like his and they do play the same music. His display wasn't as big this year as they were other years. If you want to see them and you live close to us, email us or call us to ask where they are. It's neat to watch. He had gotten in trouble with his neighbors for playing the music out loud so now he broadcasts it over the radio. It's really cool to see! There is another light display close by as well you drive through. I took pics of that tonight as well but they didn't turn out. It's in a remote location but the traffic has nver been bad when we were there. Maybe one other car besides us....maybe two. If it doesn't work on my post, look for it on the right.

Tonight we also went to a place with a Santa Claus and they served free hot dogs, hot cocoa, candy and cookies. Lexi refused to sit on Santa's lap. "You told me NOT to talk to strangers!" Trying to figure out if we should be proud she listened to us or if we should be worried she is using our words against us.
Tyler also had a game this morning. Tyler made one of the few baskets and almost had another.
Been trying to work through some things personally. It's been rough emotionally. In fact I was looking forward to going back to work on Monday just to get my mind off my troubles. I would apprecaiate prayer for a hedge of protection around my mind because the devil is really attacking that area lately... That God would bind him in that area and that I would be filled with a peace.
Note: I had my kids look at this with me and we decided that although it was very similar, it is not the same house we saw. It's the same song and a lot of the same lights but they were set up a ittle different and there was no peace sign in the front yard of the one we saw.

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marykay said...

Hmm, I like that music and lights combo, I feel like tapping my feet! I remember on the news someone doing that last year and same thing, neighbors complained so it went via radio. Maybe if they use a softer song, then it would be okay but I guess I can understand having to hear that all night long. ha ha! I still have next week of school along with finals so I haven't had time to focus too much on christmas yet. We do have our tree up so I wish I could have time to post pics. I can't wait till after this Tuesday when my final is and then Friday is the last day of my clincal rotation for this semester. I have been keeping you in my prayers. I also have other friends who have asked me to pray for them too for various reasons. I think you you are right about the devil wanting to keep us weak and scared. I think too much sometimes too and all it does is put more worry and fear in our minds. That response from Lexi makes me laugh...its really listen to what you say and use it against you without intention in doing so! =D