Friday, December 19, 2008

Oncologist moves up my pre-chemo appointment

The oncologist would like me to move my pre-chemo appointment to next Monday rather than wait until January. I don't know why they are suddenly deciding to move on that and it makes me nervous..... They were supposed to get back to me about what letter it was in addition to a "3". I haven't heard about that yet. I was looking at the books that the cancer society sent me and it looks like it should be an a or b but I'm not sure. If it's not in the lymph nodes like they say it wasn't than it should not be a "c"...... I think.

I finally got a call from family doctor. The x-ray did not show a fracture or a tumor. However it did show a degenerative disk disease (aka-arthritis) which I tried to tell them a few years ago and got nowhere. I guess treatments will depend on how the chemo treatments go. It is very painful at night when I need to roll back and forth or get up. I am hoping this clears somewhat before I need to be bedridden for the chemo.

I had a post about a little girl named Hannah who has a fatal form of brain cancer and they do not expect her to live much longer. Her Christmas wish was to receive as many Christmas cards as possible. Approx. 75 local fire apparatus showed up to take cards and gifts to Hannah.

Local news photos

More news footage

The grandfather stressed that every community has a little girl or boy like Hannah and you could extend your love to that child as well. Do some digging and find out what child in your area needs a little extra love!
It's hard to believe it's almost Christmas already. With all that went on, it just seemed to have snuck up on me. Physically I am ready. I bought the presents and sent the cards but mentally and emotionally it's hard to get into itthis year. I told Norm if they move up my chemo then they can move it to the 31st. I don't care if I have to spend another birthday in the hospital. I just want it to be over. (spent a previous birthday in the hospital due to a tubal pregnancy) Anyway, my 41st birthday will probably be nothing like my 40th. And that's okay...... I want to spend my 42nd one in remission!

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marykay said...

Dear Denise, I'm glad the xray showed no fracture or tumor. That is good news my dear. I'm also glad you have your chemo appt coming up. You should be persistent with your doctor about the grading as well as why they are wanting you to start sooner than later. In any case, its good that they start now just to get it done. What date is your birthday? Denise, that story about Hannah is incredible. There are so many good people out there. I was so sad watching it because her dad said that his wife died awhile ago and so his older daughter is caring for Hannah. I will add this family to my prayers.I like your provile there denise.."journeying together..." very nice and sweet. I also like your scrolling words. Its raining hard here today but I went out to pick up a few stocking stuffers. I am off for the next 2 weeks but will probably try to sqeeze some studying in there. Take care Denise & God Bless You.