Saturday, December 27, 2008

Back home.

We came back home this morning....exhausted.
One doctor siad something about an ulcer in his esophagus and another said something about a spot in his esophagus being irritated or something like that and also said he has acid reflux and will need medication for that. Meanwhile he needs to cut out his iced tea...... which will be difficult. Thank you, everyone, for your prayers, concern and support.


marykay said...

Dear Denise, I can imagine how exhausted you guys are. Emergency rooms and waiting 6 hours sounds right unless you are in a life or death situation. Its frustrating I know. Since the doc mentioned acid reflux, it must have caused that irritated area in his esophagus. My husband has acid reflux sometimes and takes Protonix for it. It suppresses acid production in the GI system. My husband drinks a lot of Pepsi too and so if your hubby drinks as much ice tea with his meals, I can imagine how tough that will be to stick with water. Probably all the stress your hubby is feeling finally caught up to him. I am sorry you guys had to go to the hospital over Christmas my dear. Just looking into your lives here and there I know you two are wonderful people and God will bless you and make things all good again. God bless you and your husband and your kids!

Anonymous said...

I will keep your entire family in my prayers.
Something worth a try: Dr. Ann Ouyang @ Hershey Phys. Center (at Hershey Med Ctr.) I have esophagus issues. I went thru 2 stomach dr.s & several misdiagnosis before choosing her. She hit the nail on the head with a rare hypersensitivity to chocolate and alcohol (this means even mouth wash & foods cooked with alcohol).
Best wishes.
Susan (fire co boosters)