Tuesday, December 30, 2008


That was basically today. Tyler had an early eye doctor appointment where he got fitted for glasses. He will mostly need them for school.
Had to postpone Lexi & Tyler's dentist appointents as Norm needed to go to the doctor due to issues with his blood pressure and recent hospitalization. They seemed better till today and he appears to be on the road to revery.
Also needed to go to the hospital tonight for a tour of the chemo unit. They have a nice facility but all the things she threw at me were overwhelming. She went over all my chemo drugs. The one drug will be hard on the kidney but they will give me a med and start me off on an IV of fluids to hydrate me so my kidney wouldn't have to work as hard. Another drug will be hard on the lungs and could have possible longterm effects. The one also said it could make you not be able to hear high frequency sounds. I told her I already had a hearing loss where I couldn't hear high frequency sounds and could my hearing get worse..... she said it might. That doesn't bother me so much...... maybe that's why God had put this interest in signing in me.
It sill is hard to believe though. I can't get over how I don't feel sick. I feel good, actually..... and yet I have to go in next week to take meds that will make me feel sick so I can get better. It's hard to make sense of it in my mind.
My back has been doing better. As long as I am careful getting out of bed, my back doesn't throb in the morning like it did. I am hoping for complete healing there til next week for the chemo.
It sounds like we are going to have to be germ fanatics during this time. I am making a list of things I will need to buy at the store next grocery day. The nurse we saw tonight suggested things like Lysol wipes to wipe everything down like phones, remotes, etc. She also said I can bring comfort foods. I wasn't sure all what I wanted to bring. We can't keep refrigerated things more than a day.
Norm seems to be doing much better. The doctor said today that it was probably working in him for awhile but the aspiren aggrivated it.


Sally Ferguson said...

Wishing you a year filled with God's presence!

marikay said...

I'm glad you feel good! I'm a germaphobe too even before I returned to nursing school. I wash my hands ALL the time no matter what. My hands get so dry at times. But handwashing is important esp in the hospital setting and now for you at home because of your chemo. We did a health fair at a local gradeschool...if the kids sing the ABC song, thats about 20-30 seconds long and thats the recommended amt of time to wash w/soap. Also remind them to rub their hands together and to not forget about their thumbs and in btwn fingers. We had a blue light after kids washed hands and those were the two places where the germs glowed (meaning the kids missed washing that area). Okay..I better go...God bless..