Friday, December 12, 2008

Went out on a date last night

Norm and I decided we needed to have a night out last night since it's been so rough lately. We went to see an early movie, "Four Christmases" and then to supper at Hoss's Steak and Sea House. Norm brought me some roses which I thought was really sweet.
This morning we awoke to find we were living on a peninsula again. We had to walk out through the neighbor's yards to get the kids to school. My sister called to find out when she could bring her kayak. The water is down in the street now but it's still in the back yard.

Taken with Norm's phone.

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marykay said...

Hey Denise, you look so pretty in your pics, esp in the color red. It matches your lovely flowers and rosy cheeks! Was the movie good? I never heard of it. I'm sure the dinner was good, the name of the restaurant alone sounds good! We don't have Hoss in California. Oh, I remember you mentioning your Peninsula last winter. Oh boy, sounds wet and cold. Anyway, its great you guys got to go out on a date...! =D