Monday, December 8, 2008


Arms Of Love
(Gary Chapman, Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant)
Lord, I'm really glad you're here
Hope You feel the same
When You see all my fear
And how I fail
I fall sometimes
It's hard to walk in shifting sand
I miss the rock and find
I've nowhere left to stand
I start to cry
Lord, please help me
Raise my hand, so You can pick me up
Hold me close, hold me tighter

[Chorus:] I have found a place where I can hide
It's safe inside
Your arms of love
Like a child who's held throughout a storm
You keep me warm
In Your arms of love

Storms will come and storms will go
Wonder just how many storms
It takes until I finally know
You're here always
Even when my skies are far from gray,
I can stay
Teach me to stay there
Songs like this often come to my mind when I am in need of comfort from the Father. People often ask how I'm doing. There are a couple of answers. Physically, from the hysterectomy, I feel like I am gaining strength every day. Emotionally, we have our good and bad days. I'm already tired of needles and I didn't even get to the chemo yet. Then when I think about the children who have to endure this when they have cancer, it just makes me so sad for them. It's bad enough to be a whiny adult but to know there are children enduring this on a daily basis even as I write this.... you have got to give those kids so much credit because they are being thrown into a situation they don't want to be in and should not have to. No one should have to but it happens and it's just harder t imagine a child enduring the pain and discomfort to rid themselves of a horrific disease. There is a little girl from my church who has been treated for leukemia and is in remission. Everytime I think about what I may have to go through, I think of her. If she could go through it, so can I. You might say she is my inspiration. I want to look at survivors who have gone through this before me especially brave children like her and be inspired to endure.

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marykay said...

Gosh, the lyrics are touching. I agree with you, I wish no one had to go through cancer. I told you I was taking care of kids with leukemia a few weeks ago. Their spirits are so strong and I can see in their eyes their fight and their determination. You will make it Denise. You had the proper and now chemo. Just perservere, be strong, and persist. Pray to Mother Mary too. I pray to her all the time as well as God. Ask Mother Mary to pray for you. Ask her to ask God to heal you and make you better after your treatments. She is the chosen Mother of Jesus and can pray for us since she is so close to Jesus and God. Take care dear...and God bless.